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They deploy soldiers to harass us even when they cannot confront Boko Haram.
They increase petrol price when they cannot account for kerosene and diesel’s subsidies removal
They continue blaming it on cabals even though they cannot mention one single name from the cabal
They would borrow on our behalf, spend the money on themselves and expect us to pay back.
Did we elect them to help us waste OUR resources? I don’t think I need the government.

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One Nigeria.

We say one Nigeria but do we mean it? Are we more inclined to trust people of our tribe? We say things like Ijebus are stingy, Ibo men are dubious, ogoja women are prostitutes. We are fond of using derogatory generalizations and yet we still open our mouths to say one Nigeria. For where? Nigeria’s problems started ever since the time of amalgamation in 1914. The lack of true federalism started since then. There was never a true federal republic of Nigeria in 1914, 1960 or 1963 till date. The division had always existed. Maybe the brief period where Nigeria was united was probably during the military regimes when the military was a common enemy. The un-united Nigeria was again brought into light in 1999 when PDP came up with their zoning system. The idea of zoning only goes to show the division amongst the tribes. It is not about the president, his pedigree, his brain power but the state, the tribe. I am disappointed that to please all ethnic zones that each state has to provide nominees for ministerial appointment, capable or not. Do we pick footballers from every state or ethnic group? Should we allow ethnic sentiments derail our progress? Until we begin to see a Nigerian, not ibo, hausa or yoruba. then and only then will we be able to move forward. 2015 will decide.

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1. You instruct your wife though she doesn’t speak good English to learn to love her language. Many leaders in the united nations do not know how to speak English but are still loved and respected with a little patience. 2. You learn to take action when your people are killed. You pretend as if you are in control. Talk to your people. Not show up until after some days like a fraidy cat. 3. You do not smile when after the death of your citizens you are paid a condolence visit. Smiling shows that you don’t care after all we are the most populous black nation. 4. Act as if you care about your people more than God. 5. You do not threaten your people in your speeches. They are smart enough to know sub threats. 6. Do not attempt to dialogue with terrorists. Once you start, it will never end. 7. Buy a teleprompter or make provision for it in the budget. Reading a speech from paper is not vision 20-20. 8. Be consistent. Do not love Facebook then hate Facebook. 9. Do not threaten your people with soldiers. They will never forget.

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The Good, the Bad and the Shoeless

January 1st 2012 was ushered in with trepidation by many due to the numerous threats by the muslim fundamentalist sect Boko Haram. The christians praised the lord, muslims though their calendar was different from the Gregorian calendar also prayed and gave thanks, the traditionalists were not left out while the atheist were simply in their god-does-not-exist mode. Little did we know that an enemy disguised as a friend will be the one to spoil the new year mood with the announcement of the removal of fuel subsidy. Our friend who didn’t grow up with shoes dealt us a blow below the belt. Within minutes, prices skyrocketed over a hundred percent with an average of 115%. It made me wonder. According to Oyinbo statistics, an average nigerian lives under a dollar a day, a dollar exchanges between 160-165naira. Our fuel was initially pegged at 141naira which meant that the cost of living was almost equal to a liter of petrol. Nigerians have been loyal to their leaders since independence, we are die hard loyalists and content people but sometimes self righteous bastards but we have endured, we have compromised, we have accommodated. Okonjo-Iweala says we should TRUST. We have always trusted but it has led us no where. Can we trust people who earn as much as that? People who do not put into consideration the economic status of their electorate and feed from plenty. The psychography is changing, soon there will be no middle class. You are either rich, poor or dead. I am of the opinion that three things ail us in Nigeria. Democracy, Christianity and Islam. They are adopted beliefs and Ideologies that we do not understand as Africans. Rather we twist, change, contort and conform to whatever it is we believe in. This had led to most of the problems in our society today and has helped fuel corruption rather than quell it. A nigerian family is an independent state on its own. We provide our own electricity, build our drainage systems, pay for our healthcare, dredge our wells, build our homes. Yet we pay taxes. If this is not sacrifice I don’t know what is. In Nigeria, our leaders fatten up like calves, they take their kids abroad while our own schools rot. The next generation will practically be an illiterate one with the way we are going. Thus, what lies in the future for us? If not anarchy and chaos. The only thing we thought we had that was cheap has been taken from us. Nigerians are tired of being taken for a ride. The era of the mumu nigerian has passed. All we want is good governance, transparency and accountability. A home for our unborn generation. It is our right.

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Blog, the Blogger and the Bloggee

So my friend Tayo pointed out the timeline of my blog. It has been a while, after two posts I completely forgot my password and have been locked out until now when it came to me. I had an epiphany and I guess it meant that I had to blog more. I watched an interview recently and it was about blogging and bloggers. The whole art of it. Why do we do want we do??? Like we ask ourselves, what is my purpose in life. Why do bloggers blog?? I guess my answer is- I am a very opinionated person and I will like my views to be read by millions of people and maybe make an impact somewhat. So leggo!!!!

Much Ado about the Homo!!

Your child/sibling comes home announcing, “I am engaged.” Everyone one is excited, no one saw this coming but finally the twenty five year old is getting hitched. The meet-the-parents/family day is fixed. Finally, d day arrives and Thomas introduces you to John, his fiancee. Wait a minute!!! Your brother, nephew, son, uncle just brought his bride, a guy. Someone please wake you up. Has world has truly gone loco? It is interesting to note however that Homosexuality and beastiality originated centuries ago as it was noted in the bible and the Grecian era. It is not a post modernism idealism at all. So what is all the fuss about?? The issue of homosexuality seems to be coming closer to home as we used to see it as a white or western thing here in Africa. But before we bring out the stakes to burn our ‘modern wizards and witches.’. I have a question. What will you do if someone in your immediate family or a close friend is openly homo? A lot of us will jump screaming, “God forbid!” Right now but imagine God allows. Then what happens? Will you be as quick to openly criticize and scream holy murder now? I mean we are quick to judge others by the way they look, the way they speak, their tribe, their race, their sexual orientation. But what if ?? What if?? I am neither for or aginst it because there are so openly gay people who are talented, interesting and as exciting as non-gays. I love Ellen degeneres not because she is gay but for her wit, passion and humor. Her sexual orientation is her business. So I feel everyone should M.Y.O.B


How long??

Africa is a continent with fifty four countries and counting, and not a state as Rick Santorum recently said during the republican debate. maybe I didn’t get the context in which the word was used.

Africa as a whole has been plagued with a lot of problems, man made and natural. A major man made problem whose prevalence has increased over decades is corruption and has become a thorn in our flesh and a way of life, embedded in our culture.

It still hurts me to see ads on television showing starving kids and women needing water, clothing, shelter, mosquito nets.

Where have we gone wrong?

The uneven mix is frightening: the affluent Africans, the middle class, the average, the poor, the charity cases.

The adoption of democracy which was seen as a solution in post colonial Africa has only further worsened the situation, providing a platform for greedy politicians to milk the treasury.

Democracy can now be said to be the government of the people by a chosen few for the chosen ones.

The recent uprising in the Arab spring is the beginning of the realization of the power of the people, a power which took us long  to realize.

In Tunisia, president Ben Ali spent twenty three years in power before his ouster, Egyptians gathered in Tahrir square to end Hosni Mubarak’s rule , Muammar Gadaffi’s regime lasted forty two years, his resistance led to his eventual death.

Mobutu Sese Seko reigned as a dictator in Zaire from 1965 to1997 before he was ousted in 1997 by Laurent Kabila. In 2001, Laurent Kabila was murdered and his ‘son’ Joseph was installed.

Joseph conducted elections in 2006 and won and it bothers me to think he once again is standing for elections now in 2011 after ruling the democratic republic of Congo for ten years.

Nelson Mandela became president of south Africa at the age of seventy five, he ruled his country between 1994 to 1999 after being incarcerated for twenty seven years.

No one deserved the presidency more than Nelson Mandela for he was a true patriot, if he had decided to continue to stand for elections from 1999 till date, I doubt if south Africans would have stopped voting for him but he chose the noble way out after a term in office.

That is the African spirit.

As Africans we should say no to the few elite politicians who hide under the shroud of democracy to help their pockets and increase their tenure in office.

We deserve the right to basic amenities, we deserve the right to freedom, peace, equality and justice